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We created this restaurant concept with one premise in mind and that is to provide a healthy alternative to fast food on wheels.  The basis of this idea is four generations of baking. We have been baking and supplying the healthiest flatbreads to the market since 1968. Our all natural authentic brick-oven baked Lahvash and pizza crusts have just 7 natural ingredients and make the best tasting wrap sandwiches and crispy woodfired pizza's anywhere around.

There are so many burger and fast food places to choose from but how healthy are their menu items? Can a pizza or wrap be healthy? Yes, of course, if you have clean low fat ingredients and use our one of a kind easy to digest flatbreads. Take a look at our 7 ingredients; Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Oat Flour, Yeast, Pure Cane Sugar, and Sea Salt...that's it. We never fry, we only brick-oven bake for a perfect nutritional meal. We make every sandwich wrap and woodfired pizza fresh to order. We take the guess work out of choosing a healthier way of eating, while maintaining great flavor.

On our menu, choose from our all natural Lahvash or pizza crust in original or wheat flavors; then add up to 3 items from our meat, cheese and roasted veggies to create your own masterpieces. Or try one of the masterpieces Chef Peitros has created. He knows how to bring flavor profiles together and has created some awesome Specialty Wraps that have an international flair like nothing else on the market today.
In 2018 watch for new locations to roll into your neighborhood along with some new items we will be adding to the menu, such as our unique Mediterranean style Tacos and Grilled Wraps. Taco bout a real treat! You will want to taco bout it to everyone you meet. :) We will also be adding Grilled Wraps so keep your eyes and ears open. 

Were you disappointed with your last choice of party picks? Are you are tired of paying too much for platter trays and catering needs? Our custom made wraps will be a big hit for any occasion, whether you want to serve finger food style or individual wraps, we will customize to your likes. Or if you prefer to make your own, try a few of our retail items. Stop by and pick up some freshly made Lahvash Flatbread, Lahvash Gourmet Chips or Pizza Crusts, direct from our factory.

Let us do the baking and I guarantee you will Love Um!  —Chef Peitros
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     8252A Whittier Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660
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