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Our Bread

About Our Bread

Our ancestors created lahvash bread a millennium ago when they first started harvesting wheat. We have recreated these artisan breads by keeping the same Armenian heritage of brick-oven baking in temperatures well above one thousand degrees, searing in the natural flavors and aroma that signify true quality. This process does take more energy, in fact 3-4 times more, but you get to taste true, authentic brick oven-baked lahvash bread the way our ancestors intended.

This unique bread made its way to the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, and finally the Western culture. Lahvash is the mother of most bread including pita, tannour, chapati, naan, and even the pizza crust.

The High-Quality of Our Flatbread

High temperature, brick-oven baking is the way to bake thin-crusted dough, with good reason. Fully baked flatbreads are much healthier for you. In fact, we feel it is one of the easiest breads in the world to digest and will take less time to go through your system. First, by baking in such high temperatures, these flatbreads have a golden brown color and form small layers of bubbles to absorb moisture from the ingredients used (compare this bubbly texture to the solid dough-like center of tortillas). Then a top layer of crust is formed to keep in moisture, making these the most pliable and durable wraps and crusts in the industry today, guaranteed!

Traditionally, this bread was perfect for storing on attic shelves during the cold season when there was no wheat to bake lahvash. The beauty of lahvash is its versatility in use and the ability to rehydrate making it soft again with moist towels or misting lightly with water. Within a few minutes, there would appear to be freshly baked soft bread.

We use only the finest ingredients and multi-grains, without any added oils, to ensure the best nutritional value. Compare our wraps to others — ours contain higher protein, fiber, lower fat, and salt, providing a healthier choice.

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